Sky Survey

sky survey

The sky is always changing. Look up! Is the sky clear, or do you see clouds? Where is the sun? What colors do you see?

In his cumulative residency project “Sky Survey,” the Museum’s inaugural artist-in-residence Tommy Bobo worked to capture the sky in all its forms with the help of Dreamers everywhere!

Using technology, Tommy transformed submitted sky photos into pixels (or a color grid made up of 48 squares!) that were displayed using lights in the Museum’s Entry Hall. Together, the photos and sky drawings done by in-person visitors were combined to create a quilt of ever-changing color, capturing the sky in its many forms!

your photo submission before…
Sky Survey - Pixelated
…and after it’s pixelated!

about the project

Tommy designed a collaborative art experience called “Sky Survey,” which was displayed at the Museum in 2021. The art installation combined photos of the sky submitted by Dreamers all over the world and drawings created by Dreamers who visited the Museum in person to showcase the ever-changing beauty of the sky. 

True to Tommy’s artistic vision, “Sky Survey” incorporated multiple STEAM principles. The project challenged Dreamers to use their observational skills when looking at the sky. It also prompted scientific inquiries like, “Why is the sky blue?” and created opportunities for artistic reflection, like “How does a cloudy sky make me feel?” The art installation itself blended Tommy’s interests in engineering and technology: A grid of LED lights translated the colors of photo submissions, shining through the drawings of in-person visitors to create a reflection of the sky.