Art + Tech

Two young girls in the Art and Tech exhibit

art + tech

presented by nickelodeon

Tap into your creativity with iconic friends and activities from Nickelodeon, including SpongeBob SquarePants, PAW Patrol, and Slime. Not to worry – this Slime is virtual so you can experience all the fun without any of the mess!

recommended for ages 3-10

exhibit experiences

lights, camera, ocean

Visitors will immerse themselves in the underwater world of SpongeBob SquarePants as they use various light and shadow elements and life-size character cut outs to create a scene they email to themselves. A replica of SpongeBob’s pineapple home gives visitors the opportunity to view real deep sea dive footage overlapped with SpongeBob animation.

Boy running through virtual slime in the Art and Tech exhibit

it’s about slime!

A sensory-filled Slime funhouse allows visitors to experience the iconic sensation of being Slimed without any of the mess. Colorful lights and animations, playful sounds, and squishy textures approximate the look and feel of Slime through both higher and lower sensory paths.

Children in the Paw Patrol area in Art + Tech

paw patrol rescue training

Our younger visitors will discover art and technology principles alongside the pups of PAW Patrol in the PAW Patrol Training Academy. Children will fight artfully-represented “fires” with Marshall, build structures with Rubble, and create flying machines with Skye.

what is your child learning?

Exploring the design process

Discovering science (Probability, causality, light and shadow, aerodynamics, visuospatial skills)

Cooperating with other children

Building big and small muscles

Children in the pineapple in the Art + Tech exhibit

Boy building with soft blocks in the Art + Tech exhibit

Little girl looking at a paw patrol character in the Art + Tech exhibit

Young girls playing with the wind tube in the Art + Tech exhibit

Two children running through the virtual slime room in the Art + Tech exhibit

Wide view of the Lights, Camera, Ocean experience in the Art + Tech exhibit

where is this exhibit located?

Art + Tech is located on Floor 1, one level down from the main entrance, next to the Dream Machine and Little Dreamers.

extra Museum resources

STEAMwork videos

STEAM Daydream with National Children’s Museum podcast

meet a STEAM expert!

The IF/THEN® Initiative is a national effort sponsored by Lyda Hill Philanthropies® to inspire young girls to pursue STEM careers while creating a culture shift in how the world perceives women in STEM.

Jess Cramp

Jess Cramp, shark researcher + marine conservationist

As a shark researcher and marine conservationist, Jess works to protect the underwater world you’ll see in the Lights, Camera, Ocean experience. Watch real footage from deep sea dives inside SpongeBob SquarePants’ pineapple house, and keep an eye out for sharks!

Dr. Lataisia Jones

Dr. Lataisia Jones, neuroscientist

Your brain plays an important role in how you will experience the senses of sight, touch, and hearing in It’s About Slime! Neuroscientists like Lataisia study how the brain works. Check out her profile to learn more.