Little Dreamers

Boy and girl playing in the hot air balloon in the Little Dreamers exhibit

little dreamers

presented by the bainum family foundation

In this protected, cloud- and flight-themed area, newborns and toddlers, together with their caretakers, will engage in sight and sound exploration and develop gross and fine motor skills.

recommended for ages 0-3

exhibit experiences

Toddler interacting with textured clouds in the Little Dreamers exhibit
Toddler in the plane in the Little Dreamers exhibit
Toddlers at the peg wall in the Little Dreamers exhibit

Exhibit experiences include relaxation spaces, texture and material exploration, a protected “cloud pit” for our youngest visitors to develop gross motor skills, and weather- and aviation-themed play structures.

what is your child learning?

Building muscle and moving their bodies

Discovering light and shadow (This is called naïve physics!)

Exploring with their senses and trying new things

Using their imaginations

who uses these skills?

Atmospheric scientist

Graphic designer


Interior designer

where is this exhibit located?

Little Dreamers is located near the Dream Machine on Floor 1, one level down from the main entrance.

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