Science Exploration

STEAMwork science exploration

We're making our own tasty science experiment: homemade ice cream!
We're making dream journals to record all our wild and whimsical dreams.
Harness the power of the sun and create amazing sun prints out of construction paper and plastic wrap.
Let's get outside and explore, dreamers! We're collecting and identifying rocks with Aubrey.
We're using our imaginations and finding different household items to act as "pollutants"!
Join our STEAMwork science exploration for a lesson in water vapor and create a cloud!
See absorption in action and bring your salt drawings to life with vibrant colors!
Teach your young learners about lift, gravity, density, thrust, and more!
Shhhhh… A.J. reveals his secret message! Learn about oxidation and how to make your own invisible ink.
STEAMwork Science Exploration shows the magic of soap and why we use it to wash our hands!
Our first STEAMwork with CEO, Crystal Bowyer, and her 5yo son, Preston. Learn how to make easy FLUFFY SLIME!