rigama-give campaign

rigama-give campaign

november 21 — december 31, 2023

At the end of 2023, we called on our community to help us inspire big ideas with the reinvention of our Rigamajig building environment. Thanks to the generous gifts received from our community and an anonymous donor family, we’ll be making transformational updates to the experience in February 2024.

girl assembling pieces of rigamajig

our goal

Rigamajig is beloved by our community, and for good reason: It provides children with an open-ended opportunity to exercise their imagination while engaging in inquiry-based learning.

Wide angle view of Creative Corner Rigamajig

When a child builds something with Rigamajig, they’re building STEM skills, too, like collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking.

With the support of our community, we’ll fuel more opportunities for open-ended play with the following additions to our Rigamajig building environment:

  • triple the Rigamajig building parts;
  • an ADA accessible building table; and
  • custom storage and display pieces, including a Rigamajig Wall of Fame!

help power more hands-on play

While National Children’s Museum is congressionally designated, we receive $0 in annual federal appropriations, making community campaigns like this one critical to our work. Please consider joining us in inspiring the next generation of innovators by making a gift today.