rigama-give campaign

rigama-give campaign

november 21, 2023 — december 31, 2023

Help us inspire big ideas with the reinvention of our Rigamajig experience this winter!

Your Rigama-Gift will support transformational updates to our Rigamajig building environment in the Museum’s Creative Corner, providing builders with all the tools and inspiration they need to make the next big thing. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor family, the first $10,000 of Rigama-Gifts will be doubled!

girl assembling pieces of rigamajig

rigamajig counter

raised to reinvent our Rigamajig experience!

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our goal

Rigamajig is beloved by our community, and for good reason: It provides children with an open-ended opportunity to exercise their imagination while engaging in inquiry-based learning.

Wide angle view of Creative Corner Rigamajig

When a child builds something with Rigamajig, they’re building STEM skills, too, like collaboration, problem solving, and critical thinking.

With a goal to raise $25,000 by December 31, 2023, the Rigama-Give Campaign will fuel more opportunities for open-ended play with the transformation of our Rigamajig experience connected to the following milestones:

  • $5,000 = new Rigamajig parts, tripling the building possibilities and the number of children who can engage with Rigamajig at once
  • $15,000 = a new set of Rigamajig parts and the creation of custom, ADA-accessible workshop tables and display cases for a Rigamajig Wall of Fame
  • $25,000 = all of the above, plus new flooring and graphics to fully transform the Creative Corner into the Rigamajig building environment of our dreams

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While National Children’s Museum is congressionally designated, we receive $0 in annual federal appropriations. For this reason, we seek the support of our incredible community to help realize our vision for more open-ended play with a reinvented Rigamajig experience.

By contributing to our Rigama-Give Campaign, not only will you support our work to inspire children to care about and change the world, but you’ll also receive the following benefits:

$25 gifta social media shoutout for all that you do
$50 gifta thank you note (with a surprise inside!) from the Museum team
$100 giftyour very own STEAM kit filled with at-home activities
$250 giftspecial Museum gear
$500 gift15% discount on a birthday party at the Museum
$1,000 giftlimited edition Museum merchandise

These levels stack, so the more you donate the more you benefit! (i.e., If you donate $1,000, you will receive all the benefits listed above.)

Everyone who contributes $10 or more will be invited to a special event in February 2024 to celebrate the reinvented Rigamajig space. Keep an eye out for more details on how to purchase your discounted event tickets.

National Children’s Museum is an exempt organization as described in Section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN 23-7423491. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.