make plant paint brushes

Christina holds up her artwork, and she smiles.

make plant paint brushes

make plant paint brushes

may 29

Make your own eco-friendly paintbrushes at home using materials gathered from your surroundings in today’s STEAMwork nature spotlight. Play with textures, patterns, and widths, and show us your beautiful works of art, dreamers!

additional resources

Want to see how an animal hair bristle paintbrush is made? Check out this video of the handmade process!

ideas for foraged supplies

  • Go out on a walk in your neighborhood and pick things that you can reach from the sidewalk.
  • Head to a nearby park and scour the grass, trees, and bushes for paintbrush-worthy finds.
  • Use food scraps, like unwanted fruit or vegetable peels or skins (onion skins and carrots peels, oh my!) or discarded leaves (strawberry tops and outer lettuce leaves are great examples!).