make your own paper

Pic of hands holding a mold and deckle, making a sheet of homemade paper

make your own paper

make your own paper

may 22

Reduce, reuse, recycle: paper edition! πŸ“„ πŸ“œ Join Christina in today’s STEAMwork nature spotlight as she fights habitat loss by creating her very own paper. Ready to get your hands dirty, dreamers?

additional resources

Save extra paper pulp by putting it into a resealable plastic bag and freezing it, or straining it, shaping it into a ball or block, and letting it air dry. Simply defrost it (if frozen) or re-soak it (if dried).

Learn about the environmental benefits of recycled paper.

Check out this helpful hand-drawn infographic on different paper-making processes.

Make your own mold and deckle from wood, using old, upcycled frames, or an embroidery hoop.

creative paper-making recipes