spool racers

Christina makes a spool racer, attaching the pencil to the rubber band on the spool.

spool racers

spool racers

may 28

We’re repurposing old spools in today’s STEAMwork design + build and engineering them into lean, mean, racing machines! Test out different types of spools and tensions and let us know what works best 🏁

additional resources

written instructions on how to build a spool racer from PBS Kids

a spool racer design worksheet from TeachEngineering at the University of Colorado Boulder to adapt and log changes to your spool racer design. 


  • spools of any and all shapes and sizes
  • rubbers bands
  • toothpicks
  • unsharpened pencils
  • tape of any kind
  • washer or a nut, a bead, or the tab off of a drink can