Visiting Exhibit Hall

Photo of the Stack It Up experience in the AlegreMENTE exhibit

Visiting Exhibit Hall

visiting exhibit hall

The Visiting Exhibit Hall serves as a space to showcase some of the world’s most innovative and engaging traveling exhibits, designed especially for children, ensuring that the Museum is constantly reflecting the world around us.

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Photo of Tell Me A Tale experience in the AlegreMENTE | Happy Brain exhibit
AlegreMENTE | Happy Brain exhibit logo

september 16, 2023 – january 1, 2024

Celebrate loving, playful connections through dance, storytelling, and more in this bilingual English/Spanish exhibit set in a whimsical forest full of families of all kinds—both human and animal! While kids play, adults learn about how simple, everyday interactions build social-emotional, language, cognitive, and motor skills.

recommended for learners age 0-6 and their families

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Photo of the Happy Dance experience in the AlegreMENTE exhibit
Photo of the Infant Pool in the AlegreMENTE exhibit
Photo of Lighting Up the Brain experience in the AlegreMENTE exhibit

Make connections between symbolic brain cells by rolling a ball back and forth on the Lighting Up the Brain tilt table.

Youngest visitors can explore the plush, sensory surroundings in the enclosed Infant Pool, where a see-through spinner mimics the sound of running water.

Practice vocabulary and storytelling at the Tell Me a Tale table using story stones, each of which has an image of a familiar object and the words for it in Spanish and English.

Explore patterns, shape, and cause and effect at Stack It Up by rolling, rocking, and stacking discs. 

Watch as your surroundings change with each movement you make at the interactive Happy Dance activity.

Cozy up to rest, reflect, read, and bond in the Story Nook, where there is lower light and noise levels.

Spin the emotion wheel and make a face to express specific emotions at Show Me Happy.

Draw a representation of your family’s favorite activity at A Space to Share.

At the Fount of Wisdom, adults learn about brain development and five simple techniques that they can use as brain builders while children play with buttons that prompt sensory experiences.

Where is this exhibit located?

The Visiting Exhibits Hall is located on Floor 1, one level down from the main entrance, next to the Tinkerers Studio.

upcoming exhibits

Photo of Shaun the Sheep exhibit

Shaun the Sheep™: Flock This Way!

january 20 – may 12, 2024

Explore the antics of Shaun the Sheep and his pals on Mossy Bottom Farm in this interactive exhibit based on the popular film and TV show. Visitors will sharpen their problem-solving skills as they climb the barn walls and hop across balance boards, create stop motion animations, take the farm truck for a spin, and more!

past exhibits

Curious George™: Let’s Get Curious!

may – september 2023

XOXO: An Exhibit About Love & Forgiveness

january – may 2023

Emotions at Play with Pixar’s Inside Out

september 2022 – january 2023

Design Zone

may – september 2022

Thomas & Friends™: Explore the Rails!

january – may 2022

Moomin Animations – Thrills and Cuddles

september 2021 – january 2022

Dora and Diego: Let’s Explore!

february – september 2020