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Attention, this is your captain speaking!

Prepare to slide, climb, crawl, observe, discover, and tinker; and once you’re ready for takeoff, explore these fun learning activities for the plane (and beyond)!

podcast episodes

STEAM Daydream with National Children’s Museum is a podcast made for children with children. Join our quirky cast as they investigate the world’s STEAM wonders with the help of experts and curious kids.

why listen

Explore new interests! Choose from dozens of 15-20 minute episodes with topics that spark curiosity and answer STEAM questions. 

Download the episode on your favorite listening platform before takeoff to enjoy without WiFi!

Best for ages 6 – 12.

virtual field trip videos

Be transported to the Museum on a virtual field trip to learn more about critical environmental science topics! Choose between “Head in the Clouds,” a lesson that investigates cloud identification, and “Climate Action Heroes,” an exploration of the difference between weather and climate.

why watch

Immediately practice a new concept! View “Head in the Clouds” and then peer out the airplane window to identify different cloud formations.

Gain new perspective together! View “Climate Action Heroes” and think of ways to help reduce your impact on our shared home, Planet Earth, as you see it from high above.

Best for ages 6 – 12.

climate action heroes digital exhibit

Head to Climate Action Headquarters and take a quiz to find your inner Climate Action Hero, and then launch into earth-saving missions you can accomplish from home!

why engage

Practice self-reflection! Identify your unique inner super power and use it to make a difference for Planet Earth.

Best for ages 5 – 12.

STEAM video activities

Watch short STEAM videos that demonstrate hands-on activities using simple, everyday materials you might have in the airport or on the plane. Explore our collection of 60+ STEAMwork videos that span relevant categories like design + build, science exploration, nature spotlight, sensory play, and climate action challenges.

why watch

Occupied brains and hands! Activities provide a guided learning experience that can be accomplished from your child’s plane seat. 

Best for ages 3 – 12.

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Little girl sliding down the Dream Machine

Visit us in person for more STEAM-inspired fun!

Adventure awaits at National Children’s Museum, located in the heart of downtown Washington, D.C.! With a mission to inspire children to care about and change the world, the Museum sparks curiosity and ignites creativity for children under the age of twelve and their families. Through playful science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) based exhibits, programs, and virtual offerings, the Museum reaches millions of people each year.