Design + Build

STEAMwork design + build

We're repurposing old spools into lean, mean, racing machines.
We're building structures for bears, fish, and squirrels to call home. 🐻🐟🐿️
Race your toys or household objects down a mini zipline.
We're making our own self-watering planters.
We're thinking about joints and movement as we make our own puppets.
Build your own weather vane to track wind direction, and maybe even make some predictions of your own!
We're filtering out the dirt in our STEAMwork design + build challenge!
Create + test your own cushioning system to protect your fragile "egg".
Show off your building skills with our design + build pasta tower challenge!
Test out different materials, experiment with different combinations, + let us know what floats best.
Design + build your very own marble or ball run using found materials at home.